The Benefits of the Provide First Aid Course

Having a solid understanding of first aid has many benefits in life. Not only could you save the life of a loved one, but help colleagues and strangers. Your role is to provide basic care for minor burns and injuries, CPR or stabilize the patient until paramedics arrive. It can also mean an additional work skill that many employers will pay you an additional payment.

Where Can I Go for First Aid Training in Australia?

The AIHFE—Australian Institute of Higher and Further Education offers the Provide First Aid Course to students who wish to advance their education. This first aid course consists of two components. With the first, students complete an online first aid course, and the second is on the campus. The campus course is over five hours. This blended delivery mode is the best method, allowing students a chance to absorb theory and techniques, before putting their skills into practice on site.

For the online component, students will complete a workbook which is required to be completed prior to the campus course beginning. Students must also successfully undergo several online assessment questions prior to the practical component. You’ll need to bring your online certificate with you for attendance at the practical course.

The one day practical session may be done on weekends, or in the evenings, and is held at the Cockburn central campus.

Do I Get a Certificate for the First Aid Course?

After the successful completion of the online and the campus courses, the student will earn a nationally recognized certificate of attainment. This certificate will be valid for three years in Australia.

The CPR component of the course is valid for one full year, and it needs to be annually updated in order to keep your certification current.

The Provide First Aid certification is nationally recognized through the Australian Qualification Framework. It may also be recognized by a professional body or association, so it’s recommended to contact them directly.

What Do I Learn at a First Aid Course?

There can be a lot of intense learning with a first aid course. First aid begins with a visual and verbal assessment of the casualty. You’ll learn how to safely handle the patient to decrease further injury, and help them to breathe easier.

You’ll learn how to successfully administer CPR—Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation—one of the most valuable components. You’ll also learn how to perform CPR with a rotation of operators until first responders arrive. How to use an AED—Automated External Defibrillator—is also important for the patient who’s heart has stopped beating.

Learning what to do for choking and airway blockage is also an important skill in saving someone’s life.

You’ll assist people who are suffering from illnesses, and Learn how to look after the unconscious person until the ambulance arrives.

You’ll also be able to provide first aid for minor cuts, burns, bruises, and abrasions, and basic care to those who need major wounds stabilized until they can get to a hospital.

Not only is first aid useful for any work situation, but is also essential for family too. Once you begin your training you’ll want to ensure your CPR is updated yearly, and you may even wish to move onto a higher level of first aid training.