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Life Transformation

Who should attend?

This course is a must for anyone who wants to improve their life in all the dimensions and live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

Course Overview

The principles and the techniques discussed and taught in this course, delivered in a seminar style over a number of seminars and activities, potentially will change your life. It challenges you to investigate the way you think, the actions you take and the result you manifest as a result. The techniques and the principles taught in the courses are tested and proved to be effective for many past participants of the course and the result will depend on your commitment to consistently apply them. The course can be completed in less than 20 hours.

Program Content and Outcomes

The course allows participants to reflect on their values and the rules that govern those values.
Participants will explore their true passion as a person and learn how to use that passion to live a happy and fulfilling life.
Universal laws and how to use them for our advantage to live a happy and meaningful life will be discussed.
Learners will learn an effective way of setting their goals.
Learners will develop a mission statement encapsulating their values, goals and passion.
Learners are challenged to reflect on the way they think, and as a result, how they feel about certain situations and manifest certain undesirable effects. Learners are given opportunities to re-frame their thinking and change the language they use to manifest more desirable results.
Seven habits of highly effective people (Stephen Covey’s work) are discussed with examples and learners are encouraged to use them to be more effective in whatever they do and develop their leadership skills.
This course/seminar series provides necessary tools and the knowledge for the participants in transforming their lives and in living happier and meaningful lives to their full potentials.


There is only one module for this course.

Meet the facilitator

Dr Sarath Jayawardana: Sarath Graduated as a Medical Practitioner and practised Medicine for over ten years before he migrated to Australia in 1990. Since after his arrival in Perth, he set up two Registered Training Organisations and employed over 25 staffs and delivered a number of nationally recognised Vocational training programs and personal development courses to over one thousand students. Sarath firmly believes that an organisation can grow only to the extent of the knowledge and skills of its leaders and with that in mind he continued to learn and expanded his knowledge and skills in several disciplines including Medicine, Law, Education and training, and leadership and management. Sarath steered his organisations to receive several awards and accolades. He was admitted to the Supreme court of Western Australia as a lawyer in 2018 and looks forward to contributing to the lives of many in their time of need. Sarath believes that life is a gift, and one must explore and live to its maximum potential. Sarath uses principles and the techniques taught in the course on a consistent basis, and the results that he has manifested are a great testament to that.

Program Schedule

The courses is delivered over six seminars covering various topics in each day. Since the course is delivered as an online course with audio recording, recorded during live seminars, learners can learn at a time that suits them and from any location as long as they have a computer and an internet connection.