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Bio Medical Science

Who should attend?

Anyone who is interested in learning about the human body, its structure and functions, why we get various diseases and symptoms and signs and understand what we can do to prevent certain common and deadly illness. The course is also ideal for anyone who is planning to study any biomedical subject or discipline in the future.

Course Overview

The course provides a sound knowledge and understanding of the human body (anatomy), how it functions (physiology), disease process (pathology), various tests available investigations), how to identify certain diseases and what we can do to prevent some of those disorders. The human body is studied by learning basic biological concepts and each body system and the interaction of each system with all the body systems in order to maintain homoeostasis.
The course is delivered online with learners having access to over 100 hours of recorded lectures and tutorials delivered over a 20-week period in a virtual classroom environment. Each lecture is supplemented with some additional reading material and Power Point slides.

Program Content and Outcomes

The course contents include:

• Structural organisation of the body
• Human life processes
• Homeostasis and the relationship between homeostatic imbalance and disease
• Structure and functions of cells, their components, a basic understanding of cellular respiration/carbohydrate metabolism
• Cell/tissue requirements for survival
• Major types of cellular adaptation
• Cellular transport systems: active (primary) and passive (diffusion – simple, facilitated)
forces (hydrostatic and osmotic)
• Four different types of tissues, their structure and functions,
• Anatomy, physiology and pathology of the following systems:
Integumentary system
Musculoskeletal system
Digestive system
Cardiovascular system
Lymphatic system
Respiratory system
Endocrine system
Urinary system
Reproductive system
Nervous system, including sensory systems – eye and ear
Special senses – smell, taste, vision, equilibrium and hearing
• Medical terminology related to body systems and various disorders
• Pathophysiology of each body system/organs, including why they develop certain specific symptoms and signs
• Analysis of abnormal findings from diagnostic procedures and physical assessment and differential diagnosis
• Pharmaceutical agents , indications and contraindications
• Basic chemistry (molecules and compounds; chemical reaction, energy; acids and bases) and as related to metabolism, respiration, pH (respiratory and renal acidosis/alkalosis)


There is only module for this course.

Meet the facilitator

Dr Sarath Jayawardana, MD, PhD, Grad Dip Education
After graduating as a medical practitioner, Sarath practiced medicine for ten years in Sri Lanka before migrating to Australia in 1990. He studied Medicine for the second time in St Kitts (US Medical curriculum) and completed all his clinical placement in several hospitals in Australia.
Sarath was responsible for development and delivery of the Biomedical Science units at the AIHM and AIHFE for more than 25 years and had a unique skill to deliver the course contents in an interesting, easy to understand way and to inspire his audience. Teaching Bio Medical Science is one of Sarath’s passions.

Program Schedule

Delivered online and learners can learn in their own space at a time that suits them.