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Biochemistry of Nutrition

Recommended Prerequisites

This online course is a MUST DO for anyone who is interested in understanding and applying Nutritional Biochemistry in a clinical setting. The course materials are presented in a way which is easy to understand, practical and entertaining.

Course Overview

This unit provides students with the knowledge and skills to use nutritional biochemistry in clinical application for the prevention and treatment of various disorders.  Various bioclinical concepts such as the role of biochemistry in nutritional assessment including hair mineral analysis, cations and anions, clinical assessments of nutrient deficiencies and blockade, membrane channelopathies, understanding the role of minerals, endocrine disruptors, biochemical individuality and the cholesterol myth will be discussed. Other areas covered include clinical assessment of nutritional deficiencies, immunology, toxicology, nervous system, endocrine system, mental illness, acid base balance, role of water and oxygen in human health and detoxification.

Learning Objectives

This online course is (LIVE recorded) with all the relevant notes and the video presentation can be done as an elective or just for personal interest, without any assessments or certification. It is also recommended for those who are simply interested in learning more about the biochemical origins of illness and symptoms, to understand mechanisms of disease and how to effectively utilise nutritional medicine in your clinical practice or life to improve the health and well-being of your clients, friends and yourself.   Dr Igor Tabrizian has a natural ability to make a complex subject so simple that everyone will be able to follow and understand this fascinating topic of Clinical Biochemistry of Nutrition.

Course Outline

Module 1

  • Diagnostic orthomolecular medicine and detailed analysis of trace elements, the amino acids and cholesterol metabolism
  • Channelopathies, functional deficiencies and the importance of digestion in health and disease

Module 2

  • Read a tissue mineral analysis (hair), with the view to solving clinical problems such as fatigue, diabetes, depression and other conditions
  • Hormone regulation and interactions will be featured and the second of the workshops will also cover detoxification strategies for the well-being of your clients, family, friends and yourself

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