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Advanced Certificate in Naturopathy

Recommended Prerequisites

This course is recommended  for anyone who is interested in learning principles of Naturopathy. The Course can be beneficial for health professionals, teachers, parents or anyone who wants to improve their own health, vitality and longevity  and inspire others to to live a happy and a healthy life but does not have time ( 3- 4 years  on a full time basis ) or large sum of money to  invest in a tertiary education programme. The course is suited to those who have some health science back ground and those who do not have any back ground but like to learn Naturopathy in their own time that suited them the most. It also makes  an ideal foundation course for those who are planning to further their education at tertiary level.

Course Overview

Naturopathy is based on a profound philosophy that the body has an innate ability to heal itself given the right circumstances. The fundamentals of Naturopathy are well known and were even practised by Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine. His therapeutic approach was based on the “healing power of nature.” With the radical changes to this philosophy in the practices of modern medicine, a new system of medicine was born in late 1890s, to be known as Naturopathy and the credit goes to a German physician called Benedict Lust. Naturopaths primarily treat the person rather than the disease, using life style modification, diet, nutritional supplements and herbal remedies. The body is viewed more than the sum of biochemical processes and the connections between mind and body are highly regarded. The Advanced Certificate in Naturopathy  course has been designed to give you the required knowledge and skills to apply the profound principles of this discipline for your own benefit and benefits of those who you care. The course encompasses a variety of subjects, total of 14 units  and areas including

  • Biomedical sciences
  • Philosophy of Natural Therapies
  • Nutrition
  • Herbal medicine
  • Iridology
  • Mind body medicine
  • Nutritional and Herbal Supplements

Mode of Delivery: This self-paced study programme  is delivered via our online delivery platform where students log in with their user name and password at a time that suited them the most and access their learning materials and recorded lectures. payment options and the cost We have kept the course fees to a  minimum $ 3500 so that the course is accessible to many students. By paying upfront you can save further $350.00 or you can pay by unit by unit upon enrollment . Each unit cost $250.00. If there is anything we can do to assist you please contact us on or simply give us a call on 08 9417 3553. Pay upfront for the complete course and save $350.00! Method of payment: Pay online by using your credit card via our secured online method  or ring us on 08 94173553 with your credit card details. You can also do a bank transfer and please contact us for banking details. Course Duration: Since this is a self-paced learning programme how fast you can learn is up to individual learner based on their prior knowledge, experience, and available time. The course comprising of 14  units. Although the amount of time required to get the good understanding of the subject can vary depend on your prior knowledge, experience and learning skills , we recommend students to spend  an average of about 50 hours  on each unit to enable them to develop sound understanding on the subject. Access will be given to students up to 24 months to complete the course. Assessment and recognition: If you  want to obtain your  Advanced Certificate in Naturopathy  offered by AIHFE ,  you are required to complete all the  online multiple choice questions which can be attempted as many times as you want until you get the correct response. These questions can be attempted  after completion each module within each unit. Completion of this course may enable you to  apply for recognition of prior learning for your future studies at a suitable level in a similar qualification. Students support: A tutor is assigned to each student who will respond to any question posted  by a student via the  students forum on the students portal.

Learning Objectives

This course will provide the learners with sound knowledge and understanding of the structure and function of the body and how to maintain those structures and functions with proper diet and nutritional supplements, herbal medicine , life style modification and managing your stress and emotion and some of the popular tools used in the practice of Naturopathy practice. The course is a great foundation,  should you choose to further study Naturopathy at tertiary level. The principles and the skills you learn from this course can be used for your own benefits, your friends and families and share with anyone you care so that they can also gain the benefits.

Course Outline

  • Understand the principles and foundation of Naturopathy.
  • Contrast the Principles and theories of contemporary and traditional diets and nutrition
  • Discuss  the major nutrients and the purpose of those nutrients.
  • Learn the sources of specific nutrients.
  • Recognise specific dietary requirements based on the age, sex, activities and individual needs.
  • Learn super food and detox diet.
  • Learn how to use Diet and suppliants to prevent illness.
  • Learn how to use diet and supplements to maintain your health and vitality.
  • Learn how to choose the best supplements.
  • Understand history and philosophy of Herbal Medicine and it’s role in disease prevention and management.
  • Learn major herbs and their constituents.
  • Learn the best herbs that can be used for the optimum functions of each body system.
  • Learn how to make various herbal formulas and the reasons behind formulations.
  • Learn herbs, drugs and nutrients interaction.
  • Learn the principles of iridology  and how to use this tool in the practice of Naturopathy.
  • Learn healthy food recipes and preparation.
  • Learn medicinal food  for a vibrant, happy and healthy life.
  • Learn human structures and functions and why it goes wrong and what to do about it!

Units: NATPC 101: Philosophy and history of Natural Therapies BIOMC 101: Anatomy and Physiology and introduction to Biomedical Sciences BIOMC 201: Anatomy and Physiology and introduction to Biomedical Sciences NUTC 107: Fundamentals of Nutrition NUTC 108: Nutrition for Optimum Health NUTC 208: Food as Medicine NUTC 308: Nutrition for specific needs HERC 119: Fundamentals of Herbal Medicine HERC 219: Herbal Therapeutics i HERC 319: Herbal Therapeutics ii HERC 419: Herbal Therapeutics iii HERC 519: Herbal Therapeutics iv IRIC 601: Introduction to Iridology SUPC 700: Supplements and their use Please note that the Advanced Certificate in Naturopathy  does not form a part of the Australian  qualification framework and therefore does not form a part of or complete  training package qualification under Australian Vocational education and training framework. However students may apply for recognition of prior learning upon completion of  this course from various suitable  training programmes  if they choose to continue  further studies in this field.