Services and Faclities

Intensive clinical facilities

In addtion to workplace training in multiple clinic locations, we operate intensive clinic facility where all our students studying in complementary medicine disciplines (Ayurveda) gain their valuable clinical experience under well qualified, industry-recognized clinicians. General public attends the clinic and obtains the services offered by our students at a very nominal fee. our clinic is well supported by the industry and we stock many complementary medicine products and learning resources.

Language, literacy and numeracy support

Students who self-identify or are identified by the teachers as having difficulties in language, literacy or numeracy which is required to succeed in completing a study program will be initially counselled by the Associate Dean of the college or a suitable staff member  and a remedial action plan will be prepared to help them. If necessary the students will be referred to external agencies for assistance.

Academic and other counselling support

Unlike some bigger institutions, at AIHFE you are not just a number to us. We provide all the support you need until you get it right. All you have to do is ask. If you need any assistance in relation to your subject matter your first contact is your “study buddy”. If you don’t have one please tell us and we will find one for you. You can also contact your lecturer or supervisor directly. If you think the support you are getting is not adequate please contact our  Dean. If you have any other issue that hinders your study progress please contact us and will be more than happy to help you. Remember we are just a phone call away. If necessary we will refer you to a professional counselling service.

We offer orientation for all the new students so that they become familiar with all the procedures, places, policies, who and when to contact someone for any help.

Small Virtual classrooms and workshops

We have small classrooms where students can interact with their teachers and fellow students in a friendly and caring learning environment, unlike large educational institutions where you hardly get any opportunity to ask any questions due to large numbers of students in a classroom.