Recognition of Prior Learning

Get your skills and knowledge formally recognised with a nationally recognised qualification.

Recognition of prior learning (RPL):

RPL is a  process in which you can get a nationally recognized qualification/testamur without necessarily undertaking any formal studies or doing an examination. It is a process in which you apply to receive a nationally recognized qualification or a statement of attainment, simply by providing evidence that you can perform the tasks expected in a qualification. You may also have to demonstrate that you have the necessary knowledge and skills gained through your life or work experience and any informal studies and learning. The Australian Education system recognizes the skills people have gained through their work and life experience and provides an opportunity to get those skills formally recognized.

The qualification you get through RPL is the same qualification that you have received by completing a formal course of studies.

What benefit will you get by getting your skills /knowledge formally recognised:

  • The sense of self-fulfillment/achievement
  • A nationally recognized testamur
  • Opportunities for promotions
  • Formal recognition of your skills
  • Potential pay rise
  • Opportunities to continue higher education at an Australian university with possible credit towards the qualification.
  • If you are planning to do a course or a unit with similar outcomes you may apply for RPL with the required evidence so that you do not have to repeat the unit again.

How long will it take to get RPL?:

The process will depend on how fast you can provide evidence and how fast we can process them. As a rule of thumb, we ask you to allow four weeks from the time of your submission until the process is completed.

What are the required evidence:  There can be much evidence that you can provide. Essentially, what we need is to see your ability to do the job or task expected in the qualification, sample of your work and your ability to explain the processes. Evidence may include:

  • Your CV
  • Your Biodata
  • Your job description
  • Evidence of your formal studies/courses completed and seminars attended
  • Awards and accolades that you have received
  • Your membership in a professional body related to the qualification that you seek
  • If you have done any formal studies, a unit outline that clearly identifies the outcomes and the contents  and also the transcript

For further information please contact or phone us at 08 9417 3553 or 618 9417 3553 (International)

Is there a Fee payable for the RPL process?

Yes, the fee structure for the RPL unit is listed on our course webpage, which is usually 50% of the unit fees.

Is the  RPL and Credit transfer the same?

No. You may apply for credit transfer if you have completed the same unit in another qualification with the same contents. To apply for credit transfer all you need to do is to send the certified copy of the transcript of your qualification and the qualification that you have completed. There is no fee charged to grant credit transfers.