1. Choose your course

 We offer a variety of courses in many different disciplines

  • Short general interest courses
  • Personal or professional development courses
  • Nationally recognised professional and vocational qualifications that are industry endorsed

At AIHFE we have carefully selected our teachers and tutors; they are experts in their respective fields and have a true passion for what they do. They are eager to share their knowledge and wisdom with you.

2. Blended delivery mode

We understand that our mature aged students have a life outside their studies. To help them and those who can't easily access on campus studies, we deliver all our theory based unit via our virtual campus mode. The courses that have a practical or clinical element they are offered by intensive short workshops or clinics. 

Self-paced learning program

Do you like to study at your own pace where you choose the time you want to study, for how long, and how often you want to study the same material? If you have the discipline and commitment to study, then these courses may be ideal for you. Why not enrol in one of our self-paced learning programs and commence your studies today!

The virtual campus learning programme

Do you feel that you learn better when you interact with lecturers and fellow students and follow a structured learning programme but you just can't make it to the campus?. What if we bring the classroom to your home or your office or even your holiday destination?. These courses are structured and have a timetable. Once enrolled you are given your login details. You can then log into your virtual classroom from wherever you are. You will be in a classroom where you can see your teacher in real time, you can see other student's comments in the chat box and you can ask questions and get your questions answered by your teachers, all in real time. You can participate in class discussion with the rest of the students and feel part of our virtual community. As long as you have a good internet connection, a laptop or a desktop computer with a webcam and a microphone and headphone you can study as a virtual campus student no matter where you live. We also record the entire session and give you the link so you can watch the video as often as you like within the term of enrolment in that unit. Choose a virtual campus course from the list and apply on line today.

3. Choose your college

AIHFE was established with a mission to make quality education possible to anyone irrespective of their location or circumstances. People behind the AIHFE , have a true passion, experience and a track record in providing quality education for over 25 years. Choosing the right college and the right course can be a daunting exercise. At AIHFE, we understand that choosing a new career path is a journey in itself and we take the trust that our students have placed in us very seriously. We are not just a private educational institute; we have a passion for doing what we do. We want to ensure that we help you to choose the right course that best prepares for your future career or life empowerment. Please ask all of your questions by simply dropping an email to dean@aihfe.edu.au or, give us a call on 08 9417 3553.

Please visit our website to see what our students are saying about our courses and how the courses changed or empowered their lives. We look forward to seeing your transformation too!y. If you are ready to apply, all you need to do is simply apply online and we will take care of the rest.