Free First Aid Training

First Aid is an essential life skill and every person should know what to do in an emergency. First Aid can
be life-saving, but how many of us know what to do in a medical emergency. First Aid can preserve a life
and prevent the condition from worsening and promote recovery.

Celebrating the 25th year of service as an education provider , and as a service to the community, AIHFE
is offering a free essential life skill First Aid course for people in an around the Cockburn central campus,
located at 862, North Lake Rd, Cockburn Central.

AIHFE is a registered training organisation and offers a number of courses in First aid, business,
Ayurveda, Counselling, and various personal and professional development courses.

There are plenty of room for everyone and there will be many sessions to fit everyone. We ask you to
bring a blanket since the training will be offered on the campus ground. Please bring your friends and
family and learn First Aid Free! Learn how to perform CPR, automated defibrillation, and more. Learn
First Aid in a friendly, casual and relaxed environment. Have fun and learn in the process. Who knows,
the skills you learn may help one day to save someone’s life! To book your place and for details please
ring 94173553.