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CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling

Diploma of Conselling reflects the role of counsellors, who work with clients on personal and psychological issues using established counselling modalities. They use communication, micro-counselling and interviewing skills and draw on varied counselling therapies to assist clients. At this level, the counsellor will be working in defined and supported counselling roles in established agencies rather than in independent practice.

Mode of Delivery

All the theory based units will be delivered via AIHFE virtual campus mode where student can attend from any destination to by using their internet. The lecturers and tutorials are delivered in real time on a structured time table so that students get an opportunity to ask questions from their teachers and interact with other fellow students

Practical Training

The practical training is conducted in the operational AIHFE supervised clinic(work place) with a minimum of 200 clinical hours experience required to complete the qualification.  Each unit of competency is confirmed with an assessment process.

Career Opportunities & Pathways

This qualification covers the skills needed to practice as a Counsellor

The Diploma of Counselling can set you on the path to a rewarding career supporting people with a variety of life issues. Our course facilitates theoretical and practical skill development in the predominant counselling theories, and covers legal and ethical frameworks, cultural diversity, and crisis intervention. Electives include units covering personal relationships, working with people with mental health issues, providing loss and grief support, and recognising and responding appropriately to domestic and family violence. Diploma of Counselling graduates will be eligible for provisional membership with the Australian Counselling Association.

After achieving the CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling students may choose to undertake further education in counselling lead in to Bachelor of Counselling or Bachelor of social science with any one of the of providers offering this qualification in Australia.

Entry Requirement of the course:

To gain entry into CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling it is recommended that candidates have sufficient relevant work experience or maturity to indicate likely success at this level of qualification in a job role involving:

  • The self-directed application of knowledge with substantial depth in some areas
  • The exercise of independent judgement and decision-making

The application of relevant technical and other skills.

This course requires well-developed verbal and written communication skills and interpersonal skills. Students will undertake a Language Literacy and Numeracy assessment as part of the pre-enrolment process, if they have not completed year 12 or equivalence or Certificate 4 and above vocational qualification to identify any additional support requirements.

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The course is designed to be delivered over one year on a full-time basis requiring approximately 12 study hours of lecture time per week with the remainder of the week devoted to study, tutorials and forums. A two-week block at the campus is also scheduled into the program so role-plays can be undertaken with your classmates, as well as 200 hours of placement in a relevant organisation in your area to gain invaluable industry experience.

Virtual classroom sessions are recorded and archived for future reference for students. All lesson materials are provided, and tutors are assigned to respond to students’ questions. Supplementary live interactive tutorials will also be offered to support the learners and to ensure learners meet the required knowledge and skills. There are four terms per year. If you need any assistance for your study plan, please contact us.

Course Structure for CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling:

Term one:

DCD111 Diversity and culture

DCL112 Counselling in legal and ethical context

DCR113 Counselling relationship

DCI114 Counselling interview skills

Term Two:

DCP121 Personality and development theories

DCT122 Counselling theories

DCS123 Supporting counselling clients

DCM125 Mental health

Term Three:

DCA131 Application of counselling

DCL132 Loss and grief

DCC133 Case management

DCR134 Responding to crisis

DCD135 Domestic and family violence

Term Four:

DCR141 Reflection and improvement

DCP142 Counselling practice

To see the mapping of the unit of competency with AIHFE subjects click here.


  • Your qualification is nationally recognized (Australia wide) through Australian Qualification Framework.
  • Monitored and regulated by Australian Skills Qualification Authority, the government regulator of the Vocational Education and Training Sector.
  • Approved by Department of Human Services to receive financial assistance for full-time eligible Australian students (Austudy/Abstudy).
  • Industry recognition which enables our students and graduates to apply for membership of professional bodies that represent Counsellors in Australia.
  • . Diploma holders also may eligible to apply for Bachelor of Social Science degree offered by Charles Sturt University with 96 credit point leaving only 96 credit points to complete and Bachelor of counselling degree offered by  Edith Cowan University with a maximum of 120 credit points.
  • AIHFE is a Member of the Australian Council of Private Education and Training and we provide fee protection for Australian students under their Tuition Assurance Scheme.