Become a Nationally Recognized Ayurveda Practitioner from AIHFE

Studying Ayurvedic medicine can be a rewarding career where you utilize this ancient health care practice to assist the body with its healing function, manage illness, and maintain optimum health. Ayurveda is a complete system of medicine and relates to three main components—vata, pitta, and kapha. These are the physical, mental, and emotional characteristics that can affect each other, yet are often ignored in traditional medicine.

Ayurveda has been practiced in India for over 5000 years, but is now practiced in many countries around the world. You can now study for an Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda through the AIHFE. Many students will find that a career in Ayurveda can be a rewarding occupation with excellent income potential.

Ayurveda utilizes a variety of methods to assist patients. These may include altering the lifestyle, aiding in dietary advice, providing herbal treatments, detoxification (panchakarma) programs, and massage.

The Ayurveda courses Perth location consists of over 400 hours of supervised clinical training. Clinical training sessions will be conducted as intensive sessions so that students outside Perth can plan and attend those sessions. Alternative clinical training outside Perth are being considered for interstate students. The clinical sessions are supervised by qualified practitioners. The practitioners of these courses have vocational and training qualifications in order to conduct Ayurveda practitioner training, and do student assessments.

Besides the clinical training, there is also Ayurveda online training. Your Ayurveda courses will consist of the subjects of doshas, Ayurvedic nutrition and herbal medicine, panchakarma practices, Ayurveda massage and related therapies, marmas or specific points in the body, and chakras or centres of energy.

Ayurveda online training courses are conducted in real time, even though they are in the Ayurveda courses Perth location, and students attend interactive lectures and tutorials from the privacy of their home computer. Many of the online Ayurveda practitioner training classes are scheduled in the evenings or weekends to assist working students.

This comprehensive program will also consist of topics about the biomedical sciences, learning how to communicate with your patients, and provide basic counselling. You’ll also learn about effective workplace health and safety, Ayurvedic practice management, and professional practice and development. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in other Ayurveda courses Australia locations that will complement other natural therapies such as yoga, meditation, vedic astrology, and more.

The course is offered over two years on a full time basis and students may enroll on a part time basis as well.

Upon successful completion of the Ayurveda practitioner training program, you’ll earn the Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda, and be able to work as an Ayurveda Practitioner, or an Ayurveda Therapist. This qualification is nationally recognized throughout Australia through the Australian Qualification Framework.

There are many career prospects at multi-disciplinary clinics where other health care professionals may be working. You also have the option to work in health retreats or as an academic. There are plenty of opportunities for the graduate. You may also gain course credit, and advance onto the Bachelor of Health Science in Complementary Medicine.

There are few places left for the next intake commencing in July 2016. To learn more about earning an Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda, please contact us directly on 08 9417 3553. Australian Institute of Higher and Further education (AIHFE) which was evolved from AIHM is the longest established Ayurveda training organization in Australia as a Registered Training Organization in Australia, as such the quality of their training is assured. Please visit their website to view what students are saying about their experience.