Ayurveda Free Seminar

Ayurveda Free Seminar

This live online seminar will be offered  to those who are really serious about considering Ayurveda as a possible Career option or learn Ayurveda for the personal or family benefit and reap the rewards in a shorter time frame. During the seminar, you can ask any questions relevant to the subjects we cover during the seminar.

The seminar will be presented by

  •     Dean of studies
  •     Lecturers of the Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda course
  •     Current students
  •     Past graduates and Ayurveda practitioners

The date:19/2/19 (Tuesday)
Time: 5.15 pm (WA time)
Venue: From anywhere provided you have a computer (either laptop or desktop), internet access, functional audiovisuals (if you like to participate and ask questions)

During this seminar we will cover the following:

1. Course structure and the delivery mode
2. How to apply for a scholarship worth $5000.00 towards your studies
3. How to gain required clinical training outside Perth campus/clinic
4. Interest-free, easy payment terms for your tuition
5. Current legislation and future of Ayurveda in Australia
6. Job opportunities and what you can do after graduating
7. Further study option in India
8. Questions and answer time to answer any of your questions

To participate  in this FREE online live seminar please contact dean@aihfe.edu.au
We look forward to seeing you at the seminar.