Become a Nationally Recognized Ayurveda Practitioner from AIHFE

Studying Ayurvedic medicine can be a rewarding career where you utilize this ancient health care practice to assist the body with its healing function, manage illness, and maintain optimum health. Ayurveda is a complete system of medicine and relates to three main components—vata, pitta, and kapha. These are the physical, mental, and emotional characteristics that can affect each other, yet are often ignored in traditional medicine.

Ayurveda has been practiced in India for over 5000 years, but is now practiced in many countries around the world. You can now study for an Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda through the AIHFE. Many students will find that a career in Ayurveda can be a rewarding occupation with excellent income potential.

Ayurveda utilizes a variety of methods to assist patients. These may include altering the lifestyle, aiding in dietary advice, providing herbal treatments, detoxification (panchakarma) programs, and massage.

The Ayurveda courses Perth location consists of over 400 hours of supervised clinical training. Clinical training sessions will be conducted as intensive sessions so that students outside Perth can plan and attend those sessions. Alternative clinical training outside Perth are being considered for interstate students. The clinical sessions are supervised by qualified practitioners. The practitioners of these courses have vocational and training qualifications in order to conduct Ayurveda practitioner training, and do student assessments.

Besides the clinical training, there is also Ayurveda online training. Your Ayurveda courses will consist of the subjects of doshas, Ayurvedic nutrition and herbal medicine, panchakarma practices, Ayurveda massage and related therapies, marmas or specific points in the body, and chakras or centres of energy.

Ayurveda online training courses are conducted in real time, even though they are in the Ayurveda courses Perth location, and students attend interactive lectures and tutorials from the privacy of their home computer. Many of the online Ayurveda practitioner training classes are scheduled in the evenings or weekends to assist working students.

This comprehensive program will also consist of topics about the biomedical sciences, learning how to communicate with your patients, and provide basic counselling. You’ll also learn about effective workplace health and safety, Ayurvedic practice management, and professional practice and development. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in other Ayurveda courses Australia locations that will complement other natural therapies such as yoga, meditation, vedic astrology, and more.

The course is offered over two years on a full time basis and students may enroll on a part time basis as well.

Upon successful completion of the Ayurveda practitioner training program, you’ll earn the Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda, and be able to work as an Ayurveda Practitioner, or an Ayurveda Therapist. This qualification is nationally recognized throughout Australia through the Australian Qualification Framework.

There are many career prospects at multi-disciplinary clinics where other health care professionals may be working. You also have the option to work in health retreats or as an academic. There are plenty of opportunities for the graduate. You may also gain course credit, and advance onto the Bachelor of Health Science in Complementary Medicine.

There are few places left for the next intake commencing in July 2016. To learn more about earning an Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda, please contact us directly on 08 9417 3553. Australian Institute of Higher and Further education (AIHFE) which was evolved from AIHM is the longest established Ayurveda training organization in Australia as a Registered Training Organization in Australia, as such the quality of their training is assured. Please visit their website to view what students are saying about their experience.

Open Up New Opportunities with a Diploma of Business

An education in business is essential for the entrepreneur or business person who wishes to learn about the exciting world of commerce. If you want to work for another company before embarking on your own enterprise, a business diploma is essential. The AIHFE has an online Diploma of Business program that offers real interactive business courses, that are all credited towards a degree.

When you obtain a qualification in a Diploma of Business, it is nationally recognized, so you can offer your expertise throughout the entire country. There are many exciting business opportunities in Australia, or you can create your own, after you have completed your training in business.

A business diploma provides training in business that prepares students for an interesting career. They can advance their careers, or join another organization. They’ll also learn how to be an entrepreneur, which takes more than an idea.

Business courses will encompass marketing, working with clients and investors, and third parties. They will also learn how to manage the business through its ups and downs, and provide solutions to problems. This business diploma will provide the skills needed to enter the corporate world. You’ll attain the skills and the attributes needed to succeed in the business world. You can also add value to your current business by gaining additional skills from this program.

Some of the business courses in the Diploma of Business Program are about human resources, meeting, and risk management. Marketing plays a heavy focus, helping you with the development of a business plan. You’ll learn about how to implement improvements to a current business, and manage the workforce. You’ll also learn how to manage your personal life with your professional life. Project management is also important.

These business courses are just a sampling of the complete program. There are also many other smaller business courses. There is also a qualification in arbitration, helping you to handle disputes and miscommunications.

The student will work through the program by completing one unit at a time. Once the student has completed all of the units and assessments, they will receive the Diploma of Business qualification.

Domestic students may qualify for financial assistance if they wish to take their business diploma in Perth. The career prospects and earnings are attractive for the qualified individual who has a Diploma of Business—on average $83,200.

There are many business titles for a person who has earned their Diploma of Business. Administrator, Manager, Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, Project Consultant/Coordinator, Executive Officer, and many other opportunities are available.

Your training in business begins with a mix of online business courses and live online tutorials, and supplementary weekly lectures, even though it is a business diploma in Perth. Students can actually participate in a classroom environment, but through online business courses, not in person. They can interact in real time with their teachers and other fellow students. They can ask questions and participate in class discussion through online business training.

After completion of the business diploma program, the student may wish to continue on with a Bachelor of Business degree with other national higher education providers in Australia.

Please visit the AIHFE site for further information about the online business diploma in Perth, and to learn more about the individual online business training offered.

Free First Aid Training

First Aid is an essential life skill and every person should know what to do in an emergency. First Aid can
be life-saving, but how many of us know what to do in a medical emergency. First Aid can preserve a life
and prevent the condition from worsening and promote recovery.

Celebrating the 25th year of service as an education provider , and as a service to the community, AIHFE
is offering a free essential life skill First Aid course for people in an around the Cockburn central campus,
located at 862, North Lake Rd, Cockburn Central.

AIHFE is a registered training organisation and offers a number of courses in First aid, business,
Ayurveda, Counselling, and various personal and professional development courses.

There are plenty of room for everyone and there will be many sessions to fit everyone. We ask you to
bring a blanket since the training will be offered on the campus ground. Please bring your friends and
family and learn First Aid Free! Learn how to perform CPR, automated defibrillation, and more. Learn
First Aid in a friendly, casual and relaxed environment. Have fun and learn in the process. Who knows,
the skills you learn may help one day to save someone’s life! To book your place and for details please
ring 94173553.

The Benefits of the Provide First Aid Course

Having a solid understanding of first aid has many benefits in life. Not only could you save the life of a loved one, but help colleagues and strangers. Your role is to provide basic care for minor burns and injuries, CPR or stabilize the patient until paramedics arrive. It can also mean an additional work skill that many employers will pay you an additional payment.

Where Can I Go for First Aid Training in Australia?

The AIHFE—Australian Institute of Higher and Further Education offers the Provide First Aid Course to students who wish to advance their education. This first aid course consists of two components. With the first, students complete an online first aid course, and the second is on the campus. The campus course is over five hours. This blended delivery mode is the best method, allowing students a chance to absorb theory and techniques, before putting their skills into practice on site.

For the online component, students will complete a workbook which is required to be completed prior to the campus course beginning. Students must also successfully undergo several online assessment questions prior to the practical component. You’ll need to bring your online certificate with you for attendance at the practical course.

The one day practical session may be done on weekends, or in the evenings, and is held at the Cockburn central campus.

Do I Get a Certificate for the First Aid Course?

After the successful completion of the online and the campus courses, the student will earn a nationally recognized certificate of attainment. This certificate will be valid for three years in Australia.

The CPR component of the course is valid for one full year, and it needs to be annually updated in order to keep your certification current.

The Provide First Aid certification is nationally recognized through the Australian Qualification Framework. It may also be recognized by a professional body or association, so it’s recommended to contact them directly.

What Do I Learn at a First Aid Course?

There can be a lot of intense learning with a first aid course. First aid begins with a visual and verbal assessment of the casualty. You’ll learn how to safely handle the patient to decrease further injury, and help them to breathe easier.

You’ll learn how to successfully administer CPR—Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation—one of the most valuable components. You’ll also learn how to perform CPR with a rotation of operators until first responders arrive. How to use an AED—Automated External Defibrillator—is also important for the patient who’s heart has stopped beating.

Learning what to do for choking and airway blockage is also an important skill in saving someone’s life.

You’ll assist people who are suffering from illnesses, and Learn how to look after the unconscious person until the ambulance arrives.

You’ll also be able to provide first aid for minor cuts, burns, bruises, and abrasions, and basic care to those who need major wounds stabilized until they can get to a hospital.

Not only is first aid useful for any work situation, but is also essential for family too. Once you begin your training you’ll want to ensure your CPR is updated yearly, and you may even wish to move onto a higher level of first aid training.

Diploma in Business

Whether you are trying to take your career to the next level or have a passion for business, a diploma in business can give you a great boost. With the knowledge and skills you will acquire, you can easily get a raise in your present job, or can find a better job. It will certainly help you in business too. You may even apply for highly sought after management roles once you have completed a business diploma program.

The diploma program is sure to help you, no matter what your area of interest. You will learn the practical skills to inspire and lead a team. You will gain marketing skills, find out how best to negotiate with clients and third parties, and get critical insights on dealing with emergencies, which is very important as every business faces challenges. Its how you deal with it that makes the critical difference between success and failure.This is why many businesses look for people with a business diploma, which again means that you can apply at many more places once you have it. There are some firms that will even sponsor their candidates. That’s how important a diploma in business is.

Benefit for Businesses

Businesses are always looking for great employees, people who are talented and efficient. By letting their employees grow their careers, businesses can encourage loyalty, have a better trained workforce, and retain valuable staff. Employees with a diploma in business can better use the knowledge they have gained, use the latest technology, and streamline business processes. That is good news for the business.

Cost and Time Effective

Diploma programs are less expensive than your bachelor’s or master’s degree. Plus, they are often designed for working professionals, so you can be sure that it is geared towards your precise needs.Diploma programs are extremely time-effective as well, for those who must complete their education quickly.

The AIHFE Business Diploma Program

The Australian Institute of Higher and Further Education (AIHFE) has developed a comprehensive nationally recognised Diploma that will give you all the knowledge and skills you need. The diploma in business course covers many areas and subjects such as human resources management, meeting management, marketing and development of a media plan, risk management, implement continuous improvement, manage personal work priorities and professional development, and manage workforce planning.

You will complete one unit at a time delivered via live online mode. This way, you can learn from anywhere in Australia as long as you have a good internet connection and ask any question in real time from your lecturers and at the same time interact with your fellow students. Finally, you will receive a nationally recognised qualification. The knowledge and skills you gain can assist you to set up your own business, do better in an existing business, or further your career goals as a professional.

Do not take a chance with your career or business. It is a tough marketplace out there. Join AIHFE’s diploma in business course, and improve your chances. You can learn at your own pace. We will make it easy for you.

Self-Paced Professional and Personal Development Courses

You have finished your education and received your degree. You are done with all the practical tests needed to graduate. You have a new job all lined up. Mission accomplished. You are ready to rule the world.

Yes, you have successfully accomplished the first part of your mission. So you can definitely give yourself a pat on the back. But if you begin to relax, or procrastinate for too long, then you will surely begin to fall behind, as new people are entering the job market all the time with new information, armed with knowledge of the latest discoveries, research work, and facts. In any profession, you cannot afford to fall behind your colleagues. You have to keep upgrading. You have to keep acquiring new knowledge and skills all the time.

Learn At Your Own Pace

This is precisely where self-paced professional and personal development courses can help you. There are plenty of courses out there, even in your niche or area of expertise, no matter what it is. You will find a few of them online. Others are available at the local school or college where you have to attend classes. But make sure that you can set the pace of your learning in the one you choose. After all, as a busy professional, you have commitments at the place of work. Plus, there is life after work too. So it is essential that you are able to learn on the go, as you please, at your own pace.

Importance of Self-Paced Professional and Personal Development Courses

  • The course will ensure that you will be able to keep pace with current standards in your profession.
  • You will be able to continuously upgrade your skills and knowledge to deliver the finest professional service to your clients and customers.
  • You will be aware of all the changing directions and trends in your profession.You will certainly have a deeper understanding. With every passing day, the pace of change is becoming faster.
  • You can make meaningful contribution to the team as you will be more effective at the workplace. It will thus be easier for you to advance your career.
  • Self-paced professional and personal development courses can keep you interesting and interested. It may even open up new possibilities and areas.
  • Constant upgrading will give you a new confidence. You can become a role-model for others and show them how to stay current.

Sometimes, in many organizations, it is mandatory for individuals to constantly upgrade themselves by acquiring new skills and knowledge. This is true across different niches. Some businesses will even fund the endeavor, while at other places it is on you to do it. Don’t worry, even if you have to pay the money from your own pocket it is one of the best investments that you will ever make. This is going to be worth it in the end.

The Australian Institute of Higher and Further Education (AIHFE) is the right place for your self-paced professional and personal development courses. We offer a range of courses for professionals at different levels from anger management, emotional intelligence to running a successful business.

Live Online Classes

Education, or learning, whatever you call it, has changed dramatically over the years. For instance, different forms of presentations have replaced the traditional blackboards and whiteboards that have ruled for years.Also, you don’t have to necessarily go to a class room to learn now. You can study online, thanks tolive online classes. You could be anywhere in the world, in any time zone, and still attend the class. Plus, you can also access past classes in archives too.

Students, high school graduates and working professionals, anybody can attend these classes to get the education they need. You can learn at any age.

Here are Some Advantages of Live Online Classes

  1. There are many courses and programs to choose from. No matter what you want to study, you will find an online class for it. You can even sit for an exam and earn your academic degree or diploma online. The professional and business world accepts these degrees and diplomas.
  2. Online programs are usually more affordable, compared to traditional college. Plus, there are no associated costs, like commuting, and sometimes accommodation too. Study materials are available free with many online classes.
  3. The learning environment is more comfortable, as you can learn from anywhere you like. It could be your home or place of work. There are no physical class rooms. You will receive lectures and materials electronically.
  4. Flexibility and convenience. You can plan when you want to study, and learn at your own pace. It is perfect for working professionals as they have other commitments. But live online classes are good for younger students too. You can interact with fellow students and ask question from your teachers in real time!You can go back to what you learned in the last class to revise before proceeding. The course material is available online. So you don’t have to go to the library.
  5. Career advancement. You can take an online class when you are between jobs and even if you are doing a full-time job now. You don’t have to leave the job. It is a great way to learn a new skill, upgrade your knowledge, and stay competitive. You cannot afford to fall behind your colleagues. Even businesses are demanding now that their employees keep upgrading themselves.
  6. You can learn from your home. No commuting. Traditionally, students had to visit a college to study, and sometimes, this was in another city, perhaps in another country. With live online classes, you can get all the knowledge right from your home or place of work. You can save the trouble of having to commute everyday, and may be even staying somewhere else.
  7. No more time wasting on the road or bus depot or rail station or due to heavy traffic! you can use all that time for your studies and save heap of money on your transport by attending live online classes offered by AIHFE.

Attend live online classes of the Australian Institute of Higher and Further Education (AIHFE). We have some of the finest diploma programs and foundation courses.Health & Wellness, Business & Law, Beauty Therapy, Self Improvement, Communication, and Leadership… pick any course you like.

Health and Wellness Courses

According to estimates, the health and wellness market is going to be worth US$1 trillion in 2017, making it one of the biggest in the world. Not just that, Accenture Consultancy’s research findings tell us that the market is going to grow by 50% over the next five years.Yes, that is how big it is going to be. The experts agree, because they too believe that the health and wellness space is going to be huge, even though it is big now already.The future looks even better for people in this profession.

Why Health and Wellness is a Great Profession

The health and wellness space employs thousands of trained and certified individuals from around the world.And the best part is that, this is a recession proof profession. After all, you will never compromise on your health, no matter what the financial situation or condition of the economy. There will be thus always demand for people who are good in these areas.But like other professions, only the very best, with the right qualification will get the best jobs and the highest salaries.

Why You Should Find Good Health and Wellness Courses

Naturally, there is a huge demand for health and wellness courses. If you are thinking of joining the profession, or embarking on a new rewarding career now is the time for this. Find a good course, join, study hard, learn all the skills and knowledge, and within a short time, you could land up with a coveted job. With experience, you may even earn a five figure income.

But do keep in mind that health and wellness is a vast subject. It covers a lot of things. So the right approach would be to first decide what you want to do and then find health and wellness courses for it. Be careful, as not all of them provide the quality training you need to have necessary skills to become a wellness consultant or a coach. Make sure you check the components of the courses, who offers the course and their credibility and industry recognition.

Here at the Australian Institute of Higher and Further Education (AIHFE), we offer a wide range of health and wellness courses for individuals at various levels. We cover subjects like naturopathy, nutritional medicine, western herbal medicine, ayurveda, remedial massage. We are in the process of developing a new wellness course which will be available to you very soon.AIHFE has more than 20 years of experience in offering health and wellness courses in Australia.

Businesses Too Are Interested In Health and Wellness Courses

Even the corporate world is now interested in these programs. That’s because, employee health affects productivity and the bottom line. A healthy workforce is always going to be more productive. Absenteeism will of course delay work and might cause loss. So the buzzword now is health, both for the business and individual, and rightly so!

First Aid Training

We all need first aid training, because the human body is susceptible to injuries. An injury can happen anytime, to anyone. It could be you, or somebody close to you. First aid can even make the critical difference between life and death sometimes. In fact, a lot of accident fatalities can be avoided if first aid is administered immediately.It is always important to have at least some basic first aid knowledge so that we can managecritical situations efficiently till the time a medical team arrives.

Here Are Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Take First Aid Training

#1 –IncreasesSafety–“Prevention is better than cure”. Knowledge of first aid makes people feel more safe and alert in their surroundings. Of course, the chances of an accident are going to go down considerably if you want to stay accident free. This reduces the number of accidents and casualties.

#2 –Saves Lives–If you know first aid, you can immediately offer help to a person who has just suffered an accident. You will know precisely what is to be done, and won’t be nervous. In the meantime you can call for medical help. You will have the time till the team arrives.

#3 – Offer Pain Relief–A simple solution such as a quick rub or an ice pack can work wonders for some injuries. You don’t have to take the person to the emergency room, at least not immediately. A person with first aid training can help immensely.

#4 –You Will Feel More Secured – You will be able to relax more if you know that you can save your life, or the life of those you know in an emergency. This will help you feel secured, and confident. It is going to give others around you reassurance as well. It is certainly a very nice feeling.

#5 –Prevents Worsening of the Situation–If you have proper training, you will know precisely what to do, and how to prevent the condition from becoming worse. As a person administering first aid, your job is to provide temporary relief so that the condition doesn’t deteriorate.

In Perth, it can take an average of 10 minutes or more for an ambulance to response. Your job is to provide help and support till that time. But these 10 minutes can be very crucial. For instance, a blocked airway can kill the person in just about 3 to 4 minutes.

First Aid Training From AIHFE

Get first aid training from the Australian Institute of Higher and Further Education (AIHFE). You will learn to carry out Cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on infants and adults, respond if there is vomiting or regurgitation, control bleeding, mange choking and airway obstruction, provide relief from allergic reactions, envenomation for snake bites, spider bites, immediate First aidfor burns, respiratory distress, procedures for strains and fractures, bandaging, conduct verbal and visual assessment, and much more.First aid training offered by AIHFE is a nationally recognized training and all the theory units can be learnt on line with practical component offered on campus. To cater for your needs AIHFE First Aid training is offered during weekends and evenings.

Diploma in Counseling

There are many wide applications of counseling. Technically, the term refers to professional guidance and assistance for resolving psychological or personal problems. In individual capacity, many of us often work as a counselor to help the people we know. At other times, we seek assistance from those who are close to us.Sometimes, it might be enough to have someone who will sit down and listen to your problems. Finding such a person isn’t easy though, as we are all so busy now. The role of a professional counselor is however much wider than just listening.

We often tend to isolate ourselves socially when we have a psychological problem or face a dilemma till the time our mind is able to solve the puzzle. But sometimes, the situation seems so hopeless that we can easily go deep into depression.You may feel emotionally hurt, or could be overwhelmed with the problem. It might be very difficult to get back on track. There can even be suicidal tendencies.

A professional counselor can help immensely here. Seniors, adults, students and children, everyone can gain from the services of a well-trained and qualified counselor. Somebody who has completed his diploma in counseling, and has the necessary qualifications is the right person for the job. A diploma program will provide the knowledge and skills required to do a good job.

Not Just for the Mentally Ill

There was a time when it was believed that counseling was just for the mentally ill. Not anymore! There shouldn’t be any stigma attached with this, and to be frank, the stigma has gone down remarkably too over time. These days, it is for everybody, particularly as there is so much stress in our lives, and since it is hurting our mental and physical health. Many families and individuals are now seeking the help of a professional counselor to deal with the issues in their lives.

What Can You Do With a Diploma in Counseling?

The role of a counselor was largely restricted even a couple of decades back, because of the stigma attached to it. But now, more and more people are realizing that they need help, and that a professional counselor can help them. So the demand for a counselor is growing all the time. But just anybody won’t be able to do a good job. You need the right education to get the knowledge, and the diploma in counseling can give you that. There is a lot to learn actually. That’s why you should pick the right program.

In the diploma in counseling program, you will learn how to explore difficulties and deal with emotional and stressful feelings of a client professionally. You will learn how to help your client think clearly and see a different view-point. You can even help him focus on experiences, behaviors and feelings to facilitate a positive change.

The Australian Institute of Higher and Further Education (AIHFE) offers a nationally recognized diploma in counseling program. You will get all the knowledge and skills you need.Diploma of Counselling course offered by AIHFE is taught by well experienced and qualified counsellors so that the quality of your training is assured. What is more the Diploma of Counselling offered by AIHFE can be completed online with some clinical components that should be completed at a clinical setting.