Arbitration Courses and Qualifications

Arbitration is a private, formal and a legal binding process in which dispute between two parties is resolved. Final award is made by an independent arbitrator. Parties that are involved in the dispute will have to agree to arbitration before an arbitrator can get involved. Sometimes, an independent body may also appoint an arbitrator to help the parties come to an agreement.

So an arbitrator is a person who talks to both parties in a to find out whether a settlement can be reached.It is often a better alternative than litigation, because it is simpler, less expensive and takes less time. You too can become an arbitrator now! Arbitration courses, and qualifications offered by AIHFE will prepare you to become a qualified arbitrator.

Who Are Arbitrators?

Many arbitrators are from the legal profession, but there are many arbitrators who notlegal practitioners.So people from outside the legal fraternity can take up the job too. People from different technical backgrounds and professions can become arbitrators having done their arbitration courses andqualifications.But do keep in mind that the role of an arbitrator is judicial, because the person must listen to the evidence and facts that are presented by the concerned parties. The person must then apply the relevant law and issue the final verdict which has a legal binding.

So it is essential to know the law. This of course is only possible when the arbitrator has done arbitration courses and qualifications.

Parties seeking arbitration know this already, and will always seek people who have the core skills and necessary qualifications. They will demand to know whether the person who will be the arbitrator has knowledge of the concerned area of business. It is important too, as without properly understanding the complexities of the business and issue, it might be impossible to solve the dispute.

Arbitration Courses and Qualifications

To become an arbitrator, before anything else, you will have to join a training course. You will find courses and programs on domestic as well as international arbitration. In these courses, you will learn many things, such as the arbitration law, law of obligations, procedures and practices of arbitration, and finally how to do award writing.

The Australian Institute of Higher and Further Education (AIHFE) offers a range of courses in business, law, and many other subjects. Our training will give you the complete knowledge you need to become an arbitrator. We have taken a lot of care while developing these courses. The course is conducted by a professor of law who has an international reputation in the field. Enroll in our arbitration courses. The arbitration qualifications you will get will give you a head start.