Our MISSION is to provide a quality education in multiple disciplines including complementary medicine, health, wellness and cognate disciplines, business, law and professional and personal development courses coupled with strong and positive learning experiences and student services which focus on measurable outcomes for graduates. AIHFE fulfills its mission with integrity, a strong sense of duty, responsibility and commitment to its students, staff and stakeholders. As a centre of higher learning, AIHFE provides its students with knowledge, practical skills and confidence and empowers them to become valuable members of society. In providing its educational services, AIHFE efficiently uses its resources and continuously strives to achieve excellence. Its educational and clinical programs meet and exceed contemporary business benchmarks and comply with the requirements of all relevant accreditation authorities.


Our aim is to be a leading Australian provider of vocational, personal and professional development and tertiary education programs, focusing on complementary medicine, health, wellness and cognate disciplines, professional and personal development courses and to respond to other educational areas of community needs. Its educational services aim at the achievement of excellence, as measured against international best practice. AIHFE's vision is to provide courses of the highest quality which contribute to the achievement of a culture of educational excellence, thereby cementing its place as a global player who achieves regional excellence.

Message from the CEO

Having established and operated a multi-award winning registered training organization for nearly 25 years, I realized that the time had come to further develop AIHFE by delivering additional courses and services. My time as a founder and an educator in my previous role gave me profound knowledge and experience to understand the real needs of our students and the community in general. AIHFE was born as a result. 

Today’s students and our society face multiple challenges such as a lack of resources and opportunities, especially suffered by those who live in rural and regional areas which make it difficult for students to travel to educational institutions. In addition,  traffic congestion and the rising cost of education and the lack of flexibility in conventional education institutes have further exacerbated this situation. Also, many institutions seem to be more policy- focused rather than centred on the individual students and their goals, expectations and needs.

Today we are blessed to experience the development and continuous advancement of technology which give many benefits to students and to society as a whole. Meanwhile, we are still faced with a multitude of challenges such as the implications of carbon emission caused by increased traffic, loss of human productivity, pain and suffering inflicted by lack of resources and understanding, ever-increasing mental illness and lifestyle- related diseases that are preventable and costing billions to our economy.

At AIHFE I am personally committed to devoting my life’s mission to address some of these issues through education and providing opportunities to many who are interested in exploring their maximum potential in every dimension of life and experience all that life has to offer to the fullest.

I thank you for placing your trust in AIHFE and allowing us to serve and touch your life.

Dr Sarath(Sam)Jayawardana,
MD, LLB, PhD, Grad Dip Edu, Grad Dip Legal Practice, Dip TAS, FAIM
CEO and Founder