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Mind Body Medicine

Recommended Prerequisites

There are no prerequisite for this course.

Course Overview

Learn the principles and techniques of maintaining happy, healthy mind which will contribute to maintain a healthy body.

Learning Objectives

The course is a combination of two modules in a Nationally recognised qualification in Holistic counselling and mind body medicine that the AIHM is planning to offer from 2014 and credits will be given to those who complete the course towards the two modules of this diploma once introduced.

Course Outline

The course starts by defining the holistic health perspective incorporating Western, Eastern and Indigenous sciences in the planetary knowledge-bank and health outcomes of the present day state of human health. The continuing health crisis, equalled by increasing medical interventions in both physical and mental health, begs the question; What is driving all these health outcomes and can anything be done?  Wellbeing is studied from the impact of mind on physiology. Why do genuinely happy people seem to have more energy and better physical and mental health outcomes and are less likely to suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or become addicted to legal or illegal drugs?.

To answer such questions the Laws of Happiness and Conflict and tracking states of mind and body with the MindMe Health Journal are studied as therapeutic assessment tools, revealing how the mind and its goals motivate the behaviours behind the health statistics. Mindfullness Meditations will also be part of the therapeutic strategies of the course.

The Flower Essence Therapy and Colour (Chroma) therapy through the therapeutic qualities of 88 Australian flowers are also taught in the course.

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